th3g1vr – a philosophical journal

a collection of independently-derived speculations, cornerstoned in self-analysis


This website/blog is an account of everything I have thought about, and by extension the biographical account of how my curiosity drove me to intellectual and psychological madness, and the aftermath(?) thereof. Originally, I planned to split it into several different blogs dedicated to the various major aspects of my curiosity (in particular emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and self-hating), but then I came up with the brilliant (not!) idea of using WordPress categories to contain all of these sites in one- while at the same applying other posts to multiple categories they are deemed allegedly relevant to.

All of writing on this blog is inherently motivated by self-gratification, in particular so as to support the illusion that people actually “need” me, or that I as an individual am actually changing the world to some extent [which I am not]. Even though it’s an illusion, as long as I do not accept it as such, I can benefit from it even after admitting it. “Curious”, isn’t it?

Now I know that many reading this page are not interested in the history of this blog or the nature of its creator (you just want to know what this blog is about!), so before you continue browsing the site, might I offer some suggestions:

1. Search the site (using the search bar at the top):

Type in a topic you’re interested– something you’ve been wanting to know about. I’m too lazy to tag most of these posts, so the search system is really the best method of finding the information you are seeking on this site.

2. Click on the Wikipedia links: you’d be surprised what you thought you knew about but didn’t. I would be very surprised if you knew much about the Wikipedia articles under the “Knowledge Base” section– truthfully I don’t know too much about these articles– just enough to convince the average person I have a degree in those fields (which isn’t that much considering I have a PhD in Bullshit!)

3. Finally, keep an open mind. Most of the stuff that I write about is philosophical at best, and blasphemic at worst. I will often word things as if I know *exactly* what I’m talking about, when I in fact have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time. So don’t waste any energy trying to convince me I’m wrong– I really don’t care about all that.

4. The primary purpose of this blog (other than to keep a record of my own thoughts– should they become necessary later on), is to inspire myself and others. So if you wish to benefit the most you possibly can from reading this blog, try to have that kind of mindset– you are reading my writing because *you want to be inspired*. It doesn’t matter whether my words are objectively true or not– or rather, let life itself be the judge of that.

The original inspiration and incentive for starting this blog (or more accurately, the blog upon which this one is based, was to inspire myself and others. As such, I like to think that the things that I write about have been, are, and will be of use to people from all walks of life, though majority of which will invariably be possessed by a similarly unnatural passion for philosophy.

As this blog is both intuitive and candid in nature, you should expect a great deal of inconsistency, hypocrisy, and contradiction. There is also a great deal of content that you will not even begin to understand until you have become quite acquainted with previous writing.

To truly understand where I’m coming from in any given post, you must first read everything in this blog prior. Even then you might not understand, as there was a period in time (November 2007-April 2008 where I wrote a great deal in notebooks and scraps of paper, but never typed (and thus never published). Eventually I’ll get around to it.

Material that is/was/will be published a significant period of time after it was initially written, is usually revised significantly to make it more compatible with current thought– similar to the transition from a demo-tape to commercial album. In that spirit, all such posts are/will be organized in the Category “Remasters”, in addition to their other respective categories.

Note: because of my excessive laziness, most of the remasters are not Categorized as such, although I have added “YARM” (yet another remaster”)  to many of them.

Now, a little about me:

I’m a hopelessly and obsessively curious individual, who will do just about anything at least once, just to see what it feels like, and to experience first-hand the consequences. Another way of putting it: I was the kid who jumped not because he thought he could fly– rather, not caring whether I did or not- jumped to see what would happen.

In part as a byproduct of my relentless and illogical curiosities, I’ve been labeled asshole, strange, interesting, asinine, funny, weird, rebellious, eccentric, crazy, fun, eccentric, provocative, cute, mysterious, candid, captivating, intellectual, profound, and many other things.

But although many of these labels are extremely diverse in their connotations, and even apparently contradictory- they can squeeze together perfectly under the proverbial umbrella of “unique”, which– ironically– is the one thing I’ve never been called. But my uniqueness is actually the byproduct of my unrivaled curiosity.

My curiosities have driven me to:

1. Start, instigate, and escalate arguments.

2. Explore, rationalize, justify, and participate in just about any taboo/fetish that I had an opportunity to get away with.

3. Play the devil’s advocate for anything and everything that comes to mind.

4. Self-experimentation to the extent of causing significant psychological damage.

5. Willingly thinking about things that cause me suffering, for the sole sake of knowing what it’s like to bear such feelings.

6. Causing inadvertent self-harm to myself in order to “feel more alive” or to know what it feels like to engage in certain dangerous activities.

I would highly recommend browsing by category should you visit this site, if any of the categories align with your interests or concerns, they are bound to be of interest to you.

But unfortunately, due to laziness, depression, and the fact that design reformation didn’t occur to me until fairly recently, the category system (as you might have noticed) is yet to be set up, and may not be set up for a long while yet, as I do not know how much time I will have for that while attending College. But you can look forward to it, as I will definitely get around to it. This website is after all, unusual as it might be, a higher priority than making friends, and just about any other social obligation.

What? You mean you wanted to know about me?

Well if you must know, here are a few pages specifically dedicated to explaining who I am personally:

Jbcandid (warning: everything you didn’t want to know about me!)

In a Nutshell



Well I say “personally”, but in reality, whatever info you read about me on those links, although 100% true (give or take), I’m a profoundly complicated individual, so if you take anything I say or write about myself seriously, you’re doomed to misunderstand.

Probably the only way to truly understand me, is to read and analyze all of my writing (which I have up here so conveniently, but good luck getting through all of it!) Well even then, you probably won’t understand me….The people who understand me best, are those few that realize that they will never even come close to understand people. Those who can face up to that sad but inevitable fact– they are the people i respect most (although FYI, I’ve yet to find any such individuals).


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