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Great Expectations

Posted by Justin Benjamin on November 7, 2009

YARM (Yet Another ReMaster)

Up until now, I have repeatedly voiced my opposition to expectations, citing that because they are clearly the source of much negativity, and that a mature person would have no need of them– expectations should be avoided and discouraged. However, while working @ the HP Pavilion, one of my coworkers (the one that inspired “Playing the Victim”, “Depression Treatment”, and “Knowledge is Power”) insinuated that, despite her pathetic lifestyle, she did not expect anything more for herself– that she was content with resigning herself to her fate. It was then that I realized the shocking truth that expectations are essential for anyone to have a future. Why? Because expectations are the future.

Even though expectations may not be necessary for a mature individual, this does not take into account that a person cannot become mature without having such expectations in the first place. A person cannot muster the motivation to act in preparation of something without an incentive that can be fully recognized and gratified in the now. In other words, we cannot work towards a future we cannot see, cannot accomplish goals that have no purpose– cannot produce anything without a reason and the resolve to do so; for this, we need a future so lucid that it’s practically tangible, and such a future is only possible through Great Expectations.

The greatests of ambitions cannot be realized for many, many years– so, to prevent such passion from going cold, expectations are an inevitable necessity.

I denounced such an important thing for so long, blind to the fact that I myself have had, and still have absurdly high expections of myself. I aspire to becoming God someday, for crying out loud! Even more importantly, the person I am today is the direct result of my expctations of myself.

In my case, I’ve evaluated my potential as being limitless, and that is undoubtedly the driving force behind my success (?). Why are expectations important? Because we are who (and what) we expect ourselves to be, and what we expect of others plays a vital role in the outcome of their lives. Regardless of one’s background– even children growing up on luxury can become nothing but a waste when they, their parents, or anyone else around them– expects nothing of them.

What we are is what we expect ourselves to be– if we expect nothing of ourselves, nothing we will become; if we expect nothing of the world, nothing will the world be.


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